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Atlantic Coast Chiropractic Reviews

What Our Virginia Beach Patients Say

At Atlantic Coast Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Immediately Made My Low Back Pain Go Away!

I am a scientist and pride myself on logic and following rationale rather than emotion. So when one of the adjustments during my first session here made me feel physically lighter on my feet, I knew that this modality of treatment is real, based on my own empirical observation. In science, when a data point does not conform to theory, the theory has to be changed, rather than the data point. In simple layman language, Dr. Mithra Green’s adjustments were really good because they made me feel lighter on my feet and also nearly immediately made my low back pain go away. I highly recommend the doctor and his practice. The office manager Corinne is also awesome. Two thumbs up!
-Anandkumar S.

There is Hope

So much better then I expected. There is hope. Thanks!

-Denise K.

Excited about Chiro

I’m excited to see how chiro can help me improve my health.

-Rebecca R.

Very Comforting

I was very nervous for my first appointment but Corrine and Dr. Green were very comforting, thorough in their explanations, extremely helpful, and I am confident I am in good hands. Thanks so much!

-Chelsea S.

Family Environment

I had never been to a chiro before an I immediately felt like I was in a family environment and I love that! Everyone in this office is amazing an so great with kids as well! My daughter an I will definitely be extending our care here we love it!!

-Courtney T.

Felt Better Next Day

Felt better the very next day. Thank you Dr. Mitch.

-Rick K.

Helpful Staff

Very nice atmosphere! Very friendly and helpful staff!

-Elizabeth K.


Very professional and friendly practice!

-Melanie S.

Polite and Helpful

Very polite and helpful. Corrine explains everything for your first visit and what to expect to include insurance coverage. Dr. Green is very thorough and explains everything and gives examples to help better understand the problem.

-Rebecca M.

Pain Free

My upper back is tremendously better. It does not hurt on a daily basis and the same with my lower back. It is a great relief to be pain free for a large part of the day.

-Joan G.

Feel a lot Better

I do feel a lot better. I don’t have a lot of sharp pains. I’m very happy and excited about finding Dr. Green to help with my pain! Thank you!

-Kristie P.

Extremely Positive Experience

Without question, I have had an extremely positive experience in visiting Dr. Green. This is my first time seeing a chiropractor and I am certainly feeling better in just a few months. I have improved posture, flexibility and energy. I am looking forward to incorporating chiropractic care into my lifestyle for the future even as symptoms get better.

-Jeff P.

Finely Tuned Luxury Car

When I first came in my posture and mobility were quite poor and my pain level was very high. After only a couple of weeks I noticed a big difference in my posture and flexibility and the pain level went down. My body feels much more like a finely tuned luxury car and keeps getting better with every visit.

-Brandon S.

Relieve Pain

Dr. Green’s methods of chiropractic care are extraordinary. He was able to relieve the pain from an ankle injury I suffered from an auto accident in 1991. I had actually given up on any relief from the pain that I was feeling every day since April 1991-sometimes unbearable. With Dr. Green’s help I no longer need visits to my orthopedist nor supports or bandages for my ankle.

-Francis G.

Feel 100% Better

I’ve been coming here for the past two months and feel 100% better. My wife has told me for years that my head was not on straight and she was right. Dr. Green found that my neck was completely out of alignment. This really works.

-Emil L.

Allergies and Tingling Hands

I came to Dr. Green to get help with my right foot and talked to him about the other health problems (allergies and tingling hands). I assumed that he could only help with my foot. Now, several weeks later, I know that chiropractic can do much more. My foot does not bother me anymore and also my allergies improved a lot. I do not experience the tingling any longer and feel more energetic. Thank you!

-Regina W.

Extremely Thankful

As of the past 2 weeks Dr. Green has seen me I feel he has actually released some pressure from my cervical area. I am extremely thankful for his time and effort so far to my long overdue follow-up care from a 2003 care accident and the spinal injuries that have followed.

-Bridgette R.

Shoulder Pain

Dr. Green is helping my alignment-I’m so crooked! And I’m slowly straightening. My shoulder pain has diminished quite a bit-it is SO much better. Thank you!

-Sharon H.

I Feel Young Again!

I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made in such a brief time. I feel young again! Thanks.

-Jennifer B.

Now Pain Free

I have been visiting Dr. Green for about 2 years. Before I started my treatment I could barely move very much in either direction because of the pain and I had slight numbness in my left arm and lower back. I am now pain free, have complete movement in all my extremities and neck without any pain and without any discomfort during treatment. I look forward to my check-up treatment because I know I am in good hands with Dr. Green.

-Brian B.

Sinus Pain

Since beginning this practice 3 weeks ago, I have not been forced to take any type of medication for sinus pain or pressure. After each session I feel very relaxed and de-stressed.

-Lisa H.

Best Decisions

Coming to Dr. Green for chiropractic care has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It has added to my overall wellness and encouraged new practices that have revolutionized my well being. When I receive an adjustment, my body and mind feel renewed and my step is light. I am much more conscious of my posture and of keeping myself in a state of balance. I will continue chiropractic care with Dr. Green as long as possible. His adjustments are painless and very effective. Thank you Dr. Green!

-Darlyne T.

Chronic Pain

I have been a chronic pain patient dealing with different doctors for years. I’m up and then I’m down. Dr. Green has been very helpful in relieving a lot of my pain for the past few months. It’s good to know I have a place to go, a person I depend on to get some relief without resorting to medication.

-Wanda P.

Posture is Improving

I no longer get up aching in my lower back area. I also feel better when I sit at my computer for a while and I do feel that my posture is improving.

-Joan C.

Car Accident

After my car accident I had shoulder, neck, low and mid-back pain. Now a few weeks later I feel like I did before – Great!

-Ashley F.

Responded to treatment

Since I have been coming a couple of things have responded to treatment. I am resting and sleeping better. My headaches are not frequent. I am standing straighter and with this I can tell by the length of time that I stand, I don’t have to switch from side to side. And the pain in my feet has calmed down. I am learning how to relax in my waking state.

-Debbie M.

Feeling Better

Since I have been coming here to Dr. Green I have been feeling better about my health. I feel like I can and will be back to my old self without pain or pretending not to be in pain.

-Patrice R.

100% Better

My back feels 100% better and I feel like my posture has really improved.

-Kelly S.


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