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Massage Therapy at Atlantic Coast Chiropractic

Dr. Green talking to patientWhile you may think of a relaxing spa service when massage is mentioned, it’s so much more. In fact, we believe that chiropractic and massage make each other better than they are by themselves.

When we added massage therapy we saw that some of our longer-standing patients did better for longer. For example, Dr. Green will see some of his chronic patients who are postsurgical 1-4 times a month. “When I added massage those who used to come in weekly are now coming in every three weeks—sometimes even monthly,” he says.

Why Do Chiropractic and Massage Work Well Together?

Chiropractic deals with the passive subsystem (the skeletal system). Massage is the active subsystem and the muscular system. The two work in conjunction with the other. When they’re both dealt with at the same time it allows for each one to be more effective.

If you have mechanical stress because of a misalignment that’s causing functional stress in the musculature or vice versa, dealing with both at the same time is more effective. Though Dr. Green has seen patients do well with just massage and others do well with just chiropractic, his experience is that the ones who join them seem to do better longer.

Do I Have to Be a Chiropractic Patient First?

No; we see many people who come in just for massage. You will need to have a consult first with our massage therapist to ensure there are no contraindications. An exam isn’t necessary but the MT will obtain your health history.

If you would like to schedule a session with our massage therapist, contact Atlantic Coast Chiropractic today to book your time. Many types of massage therapy are available as well as cupping, which is an ancient form of alternative medicine.

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