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Guiding Virginia Beach Chiropractic Patients
Towards Healing

Atlantic Coast Chiropractic Welcomes You

Atlantic Coast Chiropractic is the chiropractor in Virginia Beach that recognizes the devastating effects of ill health on American families, and aims to help as many people as possible find true health. We offer our patients the chance for an active, fulfilling life so that they, in turn, can encourage others to do so.

Our goal is unique among Virginia Beach chiropractors. We hope that by helping people lead fulfilling lives, we can ultimately change the culture of fear, greed and violence that permeates our society. As Dr. Mithra Green states, “Taking responsibility for one’s own health is a very empowering moment. Patients can heal from almost any injury or disease if given the time and opportunity.”

At Atlantic Coast Chiropractic, we help patients on their road to health by offering:

  • Low Force Adjusting
  • Massage on site
  • Over a decade of experience
  • 2nd generation chiropractor
  • Private adjusting rooms
  • Relaxing, serene environment

Empowering chiropractic patients to take responsibility for their own health, and helping them achieve that health, is our focus at Atlantic Coast Chiropractic. Ready to take responsibility for your health?

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Dr. Mithra Green |Atlantic Coast Chiropractic | (757) 313-6723
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